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Your guide to Australian film.
By Joshua Smith

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17 May 2024
In Focus: Hugh Jackman
Find out more about the versatile performer behind the claws, much accomplished as a star of stage and screen.

18 August 1998
In Focus: Dr. George Miller
A profile of Dr. George Miller, undoubtedly one of Australia's finest directors, and a master innovator of cinema.

11 August 1998
In Focus: Bruce Beresford
In-depth profile of the acclaimed Australian film director, Bruce Bersford.

28 July 1998
Director Profile: Jane Campion
Profile of Australia's most acclaimed female film director, Jane Campion.

21 July 1998
Alex Proyas and the Australian genre film

7 July 1998
In Focus: Hugo Weaving
Hugo Weaving profile.

26 May 1998
Director Profile: Peter Weir
Profile of Peter Weir, one of Australia's finest film directors.

5 May 1998
In Focus: Director Stephen Hopkins
Profile of Stephen Hopkins - a growing talent in the Aussie film industry.

24 March 1998
Star Profile: Nicole Kidman
Australia's own Nicole Kidman has taken the world by storm during the past few years. Find out how she rose through the ranks to become an A-list star.

3 February 1998
Profile: Russell Crowe

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