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Your guide to Australian film.
By Joshua Smith

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21 March 1999
Oz Oscar Anticipation
Seven Australians have garnered Oscar nominations for the 71st Annual Academy Awards, but none for their work on Australian films.

14 March 1999
Baywatch Abandons Aussie Beaches
Producers of the world's most watched television series, Baywatch, announced today that they will not be filmimg the next season on Australian shores (as expected), but in Hawaii.

23 December 1998
American Dollars Come Downunder
Press releases announce that Mission Impossible 2 and part of the new Star Wars trilogy will be shot at Sydney's Fox Studios, granting our local industry an unprecedented boost.

16 December 1998
Surprising Results at Awards
Australia's 'Oscars', the AFI Awards, failed to live up to expectations this year, placing increased pressure on local independent production.

16 September 1998
AFI Award Nominations In
The nominations for this year's AFI Awards ceremony are in, marking one of the finest year's in Australia's cinema history.

9 September 1998
Reasons for Lull in Critical Intensity

25 August 1998
Social Realism in Australian Film
Social Realism is a cinematic style used by many Australian filmmakers to confront and criticise various aspects of society and human nature.

19 May 1998
Fox' Sydney Studios celebrate grand opening
Fox opens a new film production studio complex in Sydney, aimed at fostering the local film industry.

28 April 1998
History of Australian Film - Take 2
A brief outline of Australian film history from 1960 to present.

21 April 1998
History of Australia Film - Take 1
Intoductory history of the Australian Film Industry, from 1890-1960.

17 March 1998
The New Breed - Australia's Post New Wave revival

24 February 1998
The Australian Auteur

27 January 1998
Auatralian Directors Overseas

13 January 1998
Australian Exploitation Films

30 December 1997
Australian vs New Zealand Film

2 December 1997
The 1997 AFI Awards are all Bennett's

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